Urban Landscape

Where Inside and Outside Come Together, 2007 ink, pencil on paper, 200 x 300 cm
Exhibition View

In 2005, I became interested in these spaces with the photo series “In Fremden Gärten” (In Foreign Gardens) and expanded the work to take a look at the urban landscape, green spaces in the city, hybrid spaces, gardens and parks in different places and cities ( Barcelona, Stuttgart, Cairo, Rome). Parks, gardens, urban green spaces are a mirror of our identity and culture. Besides changes, destructions, they always show longings and dreams, realized visions. My investigations are also concerned with the relationship between nature and man, and to realize this by means of drawing. (Text by Barbara Armbruster)

Musuem Friedberg

Exhibition View
Untitled (Utopia of a new freedom in the garden), wallpainting
Exhibition View
The artist fixing the drawing for the photographer
The Cedar Forests of the Gilgamesh, 2007 ink, pencil on paper, 268 x 150 cm

More Drawings

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