Urban Landscape 2021/2022

Rosensteinpark, 2022 Stuttgart
Urban Harbor, 2021 Ludwigsburg

In 2006, I focused my look on “green spaces, places and their transformation and change processes” in the city.
Urban green spaces reflect cultural and social structures. Besides changes, destructions, there are examples of designed spaces, hybrid spaces, aesthetically strange. They are endangered spaces in the context of the phenomenon of climate change. Photographs were taken on the subject in parks in Cairo, Barcelona and Rome and urban green spaces in Stuttgart. The photographic project was continued in the Stuttgart area and other locations in 2021 and 2022.

Photography project2021/2022

Pariser Platz, 2021 Stuttgart
Gerichtsviertel, 2021 Stuttgart
Stadtmitte, 2021 Stuttgart
Hospitalhof, 2021 Stuttgart
Urban Harbor, 2021 Ludwigsburg

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