Green. Light. Space.

Exhibition View
Exhibition View

“Barbara Armbruster’s work engages a distinctly cross-cultural approach. Using various media and means of expression by way of drawing, painting and spatial installation, she explores an intercultural context between East and West, Orient and Occident, in the sense of an exchange and dialogue between cultures and societies, tradition and modernity, the historical and the present. An essential basis informing her aesthetic, creative and intellectual process has been her lengthy stay in the Egyptian metropolis of Cairo”.
Dr. Gabelmann, art historian (introductory speech 2018, Municipal Museum Engen and Gallery, Engen)

Städtische Städtisches Museum Engen + Galerie, Engen (mit Julia Kernbach)

Exhibition View
Ausstellungsansicht, 2018 Acryl auf MDF Platte, 190 x 140 cm
Exhibition View
Exhibition View, Green Haze
Colossus with Mammoth Leaf-Inspired, 2018 pencil on handmade paper, 190 x 140cm
Nerfertiti, Nile Grass and Old Pine, 2018 pencil on handmade paper, 100 x 140 cm
Exhibition View
Exhibition View, Untitled, 2017 pencil on handmade paper, 56 x 76 cm

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